Camaçari will vaccinate children up to 10 years old against meningococcal C

From March 3, the Department of Health (Sesau) of Camaçari, following the directives of the Ministry of Health, will vaccinate all children up to 10 years old who have not completed the vaccination schedule with the vaccine against meningococcal C. The action, which takes place until July, aims to ensure the vaccination of children, especially when returning from face-to-face lessons.

Meningococcal C vaccine is available daily in the national immunization schedule for children under five, given in a two-dose schedule, at 3 and 5 months, and a booster dose, preferably, at 12 months . . Also, for children who for some reason have lost the opportunity to receive the vaccine at the indicated ages, it is recommended to administer a dose up to 4 years, 11 months and 29 days. However, until July, the vaccine will be available for children up to 10 years old.

Given the scenario of low vaccination coverage, observed from 2016, a situation that worsened from 2020 with the Covid-19 pandemic, perhaps due to the population’s fear of seeking health services to update the vaccination calendar, at this time, the General Coordination of the National Vaccination Program (CGPNI), considers the need to search for children and adolescents up to 10 years, 11 months and 29 days, not vaccinated for the vaccine against meningococcal C.

The adoption of this measure aims to increase protection against meningococcal disease, avoiding the occurrence of epidemics, hospitalizations, sequelae, rehabilitation treatments and death, in particular with the return of face-to-face courses in 2022.

To be vaccinated, the child must be accompanied by his parents or guardians and present an SUS card, an identity document and a vaccination record (if applicable). The application of the vaccine will take place in all health facilities, as long as it is not the days when they perform the vaccination against Covid-19.

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