fans praise the quality of the side quests

With generous playing time, Forbidden Horizon West brings all kinds of interconnected content, from campaign objectives to exploration missions. In the game, side quests play a special role in the journey of aloy and they draw attention to speak very well with the plot, without passing arbitrarily or just to fill the space.

According to the testimonies of the players themselves, the parallel stories of Horizon Forbidden West add an additional charm to the title, boosting the involvement of several characters in the game universe. In addition, they add new narrative elements that make up the story of the plot and value the main motivations.

“I know this is a bold statement to make,” the redditor wrote. Sumanovicius, as a testimony to the open world of Forbidden West. “[Mas] after about 30 hours, I’m confident to say that HFW is the best side game in recent memory.

forbidden horizon west
Screenshot of Horizon Forbidden West

It should be remembered that the side missions formula in Forbidden West not only follows a logical rationale but also very well done art designs and productions. That’s because, despite most of the issues with NPCs, these characters aren’t “dropped” by the graphics engine, and like the canonicals, they feature a wealth of detail.

“I have the impression that the people of guerrilla really enjoyed the player and did everything in his power to avoid wasting our time on unnecessary quests or errands,” the redditor continued. “In my opinion, this should be the default for any developer moving forward.”

Horizon Forbidden West features 27 side missions, giving up to 25 hours of extra time for more demanding players at high difficulty levels.

Horizon Forbidden West soundtrack later this week

The soundtrack enabled during the main campaign, side missions and cinematics of Horizon Forbidden West will be released this Friday (25), containing the original artists of the tracks. According to Guerrilla, Volume 1 of the album will be available on major digital platforms, with the rest of the songs arriving during March. Click here and find out more about the news.

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