Cabo Frio City Hall intensifies its campaign with tourists to fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito

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Endemic agents acted by approaching tourists on the main access road to the commune

The city of Cabo Frio intensified, this Friday (25), the campaign against the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits diseases such as dengue, zika, chikungunya and yellow fever, as well as tourists arriving in the city for the carnival holiday. .

The action took place on Avenida América Central, RJ-140, the main access road to the city. About 80 endemic agents worked on the road as drivers, mostly tourists, approached to talk about precautions to avoid the Aedes aegypti mosquito breeding. The initiative also reinforced the simple precautions residents should take when traveling to and leaving the gated property and also provided guidance for those who have a summer residence in the municipality.

“Actions to fight dengue fever have intensified in the pre-carnival period, seeking to raise awareness among every citizen and to avoid actions, such as throwing garbage on the ground and bottles, materials that can turn into breeding grounds for mosquitoes. In addition, the campaign provides recommendations for people who are going to travel during the holidays, so that they certify that the backyard is clean and free from outbreaks of Aedes aegypti and also who has a summer house, so that when they leave, keep the house without possible means of breeding sites, ”explained the environmental health surveillance coordinator, Andreia Nogueira

The Health and Environment Surveillance sector of the Municipal Health Department has permanent actions throughout the year. Agents of endemic diseases constantly roam the city’s neighborhoods, working to control and control mosquito outbreaks and predominant breeding sites with equipment such as fog machines that spray a natural repellent with citronella, a plant with insect repellent properties. , repelling all types of mosquitoes.

The Secretary of Health recalls that the fight against the Aedes aegypiti mosquito is only possible through concerted action with the population.

“Each citizen plays an important role in the actions to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes, since most breeding places are still inside homes, such as vases and dishes, plant jars, drinking troughs for animals, among others. The main mission of the population is to work together to eliminate possible sources such as water accumulated in garbage, water tanks and other places, ”explains the Secretary of Health of Cabo Frio, Érika Borges.

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