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Last Thursday (24th), the Square-Enix released a number of details about Babylon’s Fall, revealing new combat news in a never-before-seen gameplay trailer. In addition, the publisher has confirmed the arrival of a free demo for PS4 and PS5now available for download from today (25).

In The fall of Babylon, players will be able to select up to four weapons as primary weapons, including swords, hammers, bows, staves, and shields. Each gear will be tailored not only to preferred playstyle, but also to build specs, allowing for special powers and combos in over a hundred unique formations.

Weapons will also be refined based on the fundamentals of each co-op character in multiplayer. Thus, it is possible to build a team of up to four people where each has different functions and begins to contribute better against the waves of enemies, whether flying, melee or in armor.

Weapons in the same category, for example, can be obtained with unique enchantments, skins, and formats, providing greater versatility for the Sentinel team. In this way, players will be able to maintain the same construction model, from the moment they collect their favorite weapons with new gameplay details.

Check out the new Babylon’s Fall trailer below.

Also new is the Gideon Coffin, a special device responsible for enabling specific actions for Sentinels. With “gutwork”, it will be possible to apply penalties, recover negative statuses, HP and MP, earn boosts and obtain conditions that facilitate passage through the Tower of Babel.

roadmap and collaboration

Babylon’s Fall will be divided into seasons and has already released its initial cycle storyline. According to Square, the title’s debut will feature costumes, enemies, and a dungeon inspired by NieR: Automata – for a limited time – plus additional game modes, missions with exclusive rewards and new story content.

the fall of babylon
NieR: Automata and Babylon’s Fall collaboration, courtesy of Square Enix

The title, developed by PlatinumGamesis coming to PS4, PS5, and PC on March 3.

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