Knockout City will go free-to-play and leave EA

As it celebrates its first anniversary, the production of Velan Studio announced that the brawler Knockout City will become free to play and will quit your current editor, electronic arts.

For those who don’t remember, it’s a fun action game based on the legendary ” Dodgeball “, known here as the “game of the kill” (or “burnt” in Brazil). Its reception was somewhat lukewarm at the time but it managed to gain its fan base, thanks in large part to production support and constant work improving gameplay and adding content.

According to the studio, starting this spring (a day yet to be announced), the game will appear as free in stores on various platforms. Until then, it remains available as a paid game or playable through EA Play.

The production claims that it owes the existence of the game to the EA Originals initiative, leaving in the air the idea that it is an amicable termination. The production only intends to give the game a new direction and even promises more content and novelties in the future. For now, support continues, with Season 5 coming soon.

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