Porto Alegre issues epidemiological alert after three confirmed cases of dengue fever in the city | Rio Grande do Sul

The Municipal Health Service (SMS) has detected three autochthonous (i.e. acquired in the city) cases of dengue fever in Porto Alegrewhat made a epidemiological alert to the city’s health services network was issued this Thursday (24). In the alert, the SMS Communicable Disease Surveillance Team (EVDT) asks medical professionals to pay attention to symptoms consistent with the disease.

These are the symptoms of dengue, in addition to a fever that lasts a maximum of seven days, red spots on the skin, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, pain behind the eyes, nausea, vomiting, leucopenia (low level of white blood cells, detected during a laboratory test) and redness of the eyes. The symptoms being similar to those of Covid-19, SMS decided to alert health professionals.

“[Os profissionais devem considerar também] the similarity of symptoms with those of Covid-19, which may mask the suspicion of arbovirus [doença transmitida por insetos]delaying diagnosis and timely adoption of environmental control measures,” says nurse Raquel Rosa, team leader of the Health Surveillance Directorate (DVS).

Until Saturday (19), Porto Alegre had recorded 23 suspected cases of dengue fever among city residents in 2022. During the same period last year, only one imported case was confirmed.

The high number, added to the weather conditions favorable to the transmission of the disease, made the alert necessary.

The three confirmed cases have the Jardim Carvalho and Bom Jesus neighborhoods as the probable source of infection. There was also confirmation of a case of chikungunya, imported from Manaus.

Throughout 2021, 83 dengue fever cases have been confirmed in the city, including 65 indigenous and 18 imported.

Operations in three districts

This Thursday (24), DVS environmental monitoring promoted three operations to block viral transmission, with application of insecticides, in neighborhoods Santana Hill, Carvalho Garden and Bom Jesusplaces where cases have been confirmed.

Of the 45 neighborhoods with MI Aedes surveillance system traps, 25 showed heavy infestation of the Aedes aegypti mosquito in the week of February 12-19, while 11 are on alert.

Neighborhoods with high infestation

  • Sabara garden
  • boy god
  • sand step
  • San Sebastian
  • mario quintana
  • Parthenon
  • mediator
  • Petropolis
  • lower town
  • san jose
  • Glory
  • Santa Fe Park
  • santana
  • Vila Joao Pessoa
  • good jesus
  • water Mill
  • Ruben Berta
  • Nice view
  • teresopolis
  • Vila Ipiranga
  • Saint Anthony
  • Botanical Garden
  • Costa and Silva
  • Borges Appearance
  • The step of the stones
  • Mount Serrat
  • Higienopolis
  • Good view
  • Sarandi
  • Villa Garden
  • Leopoldine Garden
  • Lindoia Garden
  • Chacara das Pedras
  • Saint Therese
  • assistant
  • Garden of Europe

The town hall has carried out insecticide operations in the neighborhoods of Porto Alegre in an attempt to reduce the population of the dengue mosquito — Photo: Patrícia Coelho/SMS PMPA

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