PS Plus Spartacus close to launch •

Since December, rumors have swirled around a PlayStation Plus overhaul, a project dubbed Spartacus and positioned by unofficial sources as a way to revitalize Sony’s service.

According to Jeff Grubb, one of the industry’s most credible unofficial sources of information, Spartacus will be a combination of PS Now and PS Plus in a new service consisting of 3 tiers with different prices and the more you pay, the more you have extras. have at your disposal.

Spartacus, first mentioned by Bloomberg, will include $10 Essential, $13 Extra, and $16 Premium monthly tiers that provide access to games, discounts, and classics.

Essential will essentially be PS Plus as you know it now, needed to play online, with access to select monthly games at no extra cost. The Extra will add a catalog of around 300 games that you will have access to, a sort of expanded PlayStation Plus Collection. Grubb says anything transferable to Now is a great candidate to be here.

The Premium tier will allow access to PlayStation classics and even cloud games, in addition to everything included in the Extra tier. Grubb can’t specify if classics mean all generations of PlayStation, but says they’ll be a big part of this Premium. In addition, special demos for Spartacus Premium members will be presented.

“Do you have full games? No, it’s like EA Play,” Grubb said.

“You have full playtests. I don’t know if that’s for every game that comes out, but it looks like it.”

Sony has yet to officially comment on the relaunch of PS Plus and PS Now, but according to Grubb, the launch is very close and the company could announce and launch the service at any time.

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