São Nicolau participates in a pilot project in a new strategy to fight dengue fever

This Friday (25), samples of 100 straws from traps for the collection of Aedes aegypti eggs used in a pilot project applied in the municipality of São Nicolau arrived at the National Center for Sanitary Surveillance (CEVS) in Porto Alegre.

Until now, this monitoring was carried out with the collection of insect larvae and not eggs. “With the results of this new technique of traps for egg collection (ovitraps), which we are testing, we will be able to improve the monitoring of Aedes in RS and extend the strategy to all regions”, said CEVS biologist Jader da Cruz Cardoso. . According to him, the strategy was recommended by the Ministry of Health to enable better assessment of infestation rates.

During the monitoring activity, 100 traps were set, containing water, an attractant and a straw for egg laying. Among the preparatory activities, the biologist mentions the situational diagnosis of the municipality, cartography and geographical reconnaissance and the preparation of traps to be installed on the site.

Mosquito Control Measures

Jader Cardoso recalls that it is important for the population to remain vigilant by carrying out simple actions that can help fight against the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Environmental protection includes cleaning terraces, avoiding stagnant water in small objects, tires, bottles and potted plants, in addition to keeping the water tank always closed, among other measures.

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