Sesau and Unoeste are looking for patients with incomplete doses of Covid

Friday, February 25, 2022

Sesau and Unoeste are looking for patients with incomplete doses of Covid

The Municipal Department of Health (Sesau) partners with Unoeste (Universidade do Oeste Paulista), to actively search for patients whose vaccination is incomplete, either due to a delay in the date of the second dose of the vaccine Covid-19 or dose reminder.

According to a survey by Sesau, through the Municipal Epidemiological Surveillance (VEM), this public represents approximately 64 thousand people, who must be mobilized through this project which started this week.

The action is based on active research through the Telessaúde platform, managed by Unoeste, based on the collection of data provided by VEM. The team contacts the absentees and informs them of the date on which they should have received the dose, informing them of the days and hours of opening of the health centres.

The objective is to verify the reasons that led these people to have incomplete doses against Covid-19, in addition to collecting information on the health post at which this person took the first dose. In this way, the project aims to expand vaccination coverage, in addition to clarifying doubts about the pandemic.

When contacting patients, the intention is to make them aware of the importance of this Covid-19 vaccine update, in addition to remembering that the Prefecture of Prudente, through Sesau, has 27 vaccination posts distributed in several neighborhoods, which are open from 7 a.m. at 4 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Source: Department of Communications

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