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Entrepreneurs interested in vaccinating employees can now register their interest

A vaccinated worker is synonymous with a healthy and safe industry. With this in mind, SESI is promoting a new campaign to make the flu vaccine available to industries in Mato Grosso do Sul. Businessmen interested in vaccinating employees can now express their interest in acquiring doses for 2022 at

In addition to applying the vaccines in the premises of the industries, Sesi offers advice on the importance of the vaccination of workers, considered by the Ministry of Health as one of the most effective measures to prevent serious cases and flu deaths.

In this campaign, the tetravalent vaccine will be offered, which protects against two strains of the flu virus, in addition to H1N1 and H3N2 (Darwin), which are the four most common types of flu virus. The goal for this year is to reach 22,500 vaccinated workers in more than 30 companies in the state.

According to the market manager of the FIEMS system, Cecilia Raychstock Fraga Rezina, the aim of the campaign is to benefit workers in the industry. “Our mission is to provide a healthy environment and, therefore, to improve the productivity of companies, reducing the indicators of absence from work, caused, in most cases, by reasons of illness”, he said. -he declares.

She also explained that vaccination within the sectors is carried out by SESI teams and that vaccination schedules are 100% flexible. “The intention is to ensure that everyone has access to the vaccine and that there are no compromises in the industry production process,” he stressed.

Importance of vaccination
When we talk about absenteeism, it’s hard not to remember flu episodes. The unease and discomfort caused by flu-like symptoms translates into decreased productivity, increased costs to businesses, and expenses with health insurance claims. Studies indicate that a mild cold can reduce a person’s reaction speed by up to 40% and can even compromise workplace safety. And the scientific community agrees that vaccination is the most effective way to prevent the Influenza virus.

“In addition to reducing the indirect costs generated by absenteeism, vaccination guarantees individual and collective protection, since it reduces the circulation of the virus in the environments in which the person transits, such as a company, public places and a residence” , reinforced Cecilia Rezina. .

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