THE BALL – Felipe Anderson’s businesswoman reacts to the words of Conceição (FC Porto)

The businesswoman and sister of striker Felipe Anderson, 28, currently at Lazio and who last season was on loan from West Ham to FC Porto, released a statement on the comments made by Sérgio Conceição about the move from the player to Dragão, without success (only 10 games).

“We have total respect for coach Sérgio Conceição, there is nothing to say about his professional competence, but I believe that certain opinions he expressed publicly had, and still have, a great influence on the unfair labels that Felipe Anderson received and had to deal with throughout his time at FC Porto. Shortly after his debut against Sporting, he hinted that the athlete lacked understanding and commitment to what it would be like to play at FC Porto, and this was the basis of many subsequent accusations. Now, in the preview of the match against Lazio in Portugal, he has once again questioned the psychological aspect of Felipe Anderson, as well as the competence of the people around him, in a subtle way that ends up impacting us negatively. I have been directly and decisively involved in Felipe Anderson’s career for 11 years, since he was a Santos player. I have my agency, Conquest, open to the market and the success story of Felipe Anderson as a sample of my work. Sérgio Conceição had every right as a coach not to want to use it, as he did, but there is no justification for wanting to hold the athlete or anyone else responsible for something that does not had to do with his decisions and predilections. Luckily that’s over, Felipe Anderson is fine, he’s back in Lazio, where there are professionals who trust his work and give him the conditions to prove his worth, and that’s the thing most important to us right now. The duel against FC Porto showed how much Felipe is loved by the group, he has everyone’s respect, and it proves how hardworking and correct he was in the defense of the club, “said Juliana Gomes.

Disk here what Sérgio Conceição said before the first leg of the play-offs with Lazio for the Europa League.

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