THE BALL – Yaremchuk protest outside the referee’s report (Benfica)

Images of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shock the world, but the moment is dramatic especially for Ukrainians and of great anxiety for those outside the country, as is the case of Yaremchuk, who Benfica signed earlier this season. .

Born in Lviv, the Ukrainian striker lives in Portugal with his wife and baby, but he is extremely concerned about the situation of his other family members, he and his wife, who is also Ukrainian, and who live not far from the areas. which were the target of Russian bombardments.

Roman Yaremchuk’s behavior in Benfica training hasn’t changed significantly so far, and the same is true in matches, with the striker even scoring a goal in a 2-2 game against Ajax during the game the day before yesterday, on the Champions stage. League. Yet, the structure of embodied football has already spoken with the player on several occasions to understand his state of mind and what could be done to alleviate the moments of enormous tension which began to be experienced several weeks ago. Now that the Ukraine war scenario is confirmed, SAD spoke again with Roman Yaremchuk and told him that he is available and ready to help in whatever he deems necessary.

This solidarity and this availability also came from his teammates in the locker room, who celebrated with him even more particularly the team’s second goal on the evening of the Champions League against the Dutch; it was noticeable, for example, in the body language of Darwin or Gonçalo Ramos.

After heading the equalizer for Benfica, Roman Yaremchuk took off his eagle jersey and showed off a t-shirt with the national symbol of Ukraine underneath. It is a gesture (one of the first recorded among sportsmen, at least in football) that could cost the Benfica striker a sanction from UEFA, which in the Laws of the Game prohibits players to disseminate messages of a political nature, whether through slogans or images.

However, Yaremchuk’s protest is not mentioned in the referee’s report for the match, so it’s possible the striker escaped a penalty that could possibly take him out of the match against Ajax in the second leg. of this round of 16 of the Champions League, scheduled for the next day, March 15, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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