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Barbara Sacchitiello
February 25, 2022 – 6:02

A short, dynamic video tool will be made available to Facebook users worldwide. (Credit: Disclosure)

Facebook wants to bring the fashion of short videos to your environment. after more than four months of tests, carried out on the territory of the United StatesFacebook Reels will be available in the coming days for users around the world.

On Instagram, the platform has been available since 2020 and was created to meet consumer demand. At the time, interest in TikTok was growing around the world, showing that audiences, especially Gen Z, were interested in sharing and consuming short, snappy videos. To respond to this, Instagram created Reels, offering its users features similar to competing networks.

By bringing Reels to its main platform – Facebook – the company has every intention of trying to win back its popularity among younger people, according to professionals interviewed by the report. This strategy becomes even more important at the present time when, for the first time, Facebook registers the loss of its active users.

In a financial report released earlier this month, the company announced that it ended the last quarter of 2021 with 500,000 fewer daily active users than in the third quarter of last year.. A tool that brings the elements that attract Gen Z can therefore be an advantage.

“It’s a start, yes, but it’s not an easy fight,” says Elisa Pequini, managing partner of influencer marketing firm Social Tailors, of Facebook’s drive to expand its reach. attractiveness to young people. “One of the features that will be launched will be the ability for the creator to share their Instagram Reels on Facebook to increase their reach and therefore monetization. But, in terms of audience, no one is going to use Reels on Facebook to see the same content he already sees on Instagram, right?” asks the professional.

Elisa defends the idea that the most important thing for Facebook is that the audience that is already there, on the platform, creates the habit of consuming more and more Reels. This can encourage not only users absent from the platform but also creators to produce content centered on it”, specifies the managing partner of Social Tailors.

Creators at the heart of strategies
After announcing the global expansion of Facebook Reels, Meta also announced that it would invest in monetization programs to encourage influencers to produce content for the video tool. Creators will be compensated based on the publicity their content attracts on the platform. This concern of content creators is fundamental to the success of the tool, since they are responsible for making Reels appealing to the public.

Gabriel Araújo, executive creative director and head of social media at Ogilvy, believes that the whole movement launched by Facebook is already thinking about extending the performance of creators and companies that invest in the media and who sees the possibility of success of the new tool if the cross channel between Instagram and Facebook is fluid. “The idea of ​​the platform is not only to promote reels within Facebook, but also to provide a way to monetize content creators, as YouTube already does. With that, we will start watching content and being impacted by advertising banners, stickers and other resources that are not yet very clear, ”explains the professional.

Araújo cites the example of the Reels Play Bonus, a program in the United States that remunerates the creators of the tool’s content. “I believe the idea is to extend this reasoning to the Brazilian market and bring relevance back to the platform. It can be a win-win if the platform abandons the algorithm in favor of the creators,” he believes. .

Elisa of Social Tailors also sees monetization opportunities as Meta’s main attraction for bringing producers into the Facebook Reels universe. Paying creators, however, does not guarantee the short-form video tool will be popular, according to the executive. “The potential is there, but the audience that will consume it may be different from what these creators have on Instagram and TikTok and, perhaps, creating different content and testing on the platform can help understand who their audience is on Facebook,” he suggests.

The Ogilvy pro sees the launch of Facebook Reels as a way for Meta to try to save an audience that no longer considered Facebook on their list of social media preferences. But, between the inclusion of Reels and the effectiveness of the platform’s audience rejuvenation, there is a big gap, according to Araújo. “Let’s see how the prioritization of content in the stream will be and what actually changes to understand whether this rescue will be possible or not,” he concludes.

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