Young man has his legs and fingers amputated after tainted food infection in US

Although he received immediate treatment, the young man’s condition progressed to a serious infection (Wikimedia illustration image)

A 19-year-old Boston (MA) resident had both legs amputated after eating bad Chinese food. The case was published in the scientific journal New England Journal of Medicine. According to the publication, the boy identified only as JC also lost all of his fingers. He was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital late last year, where he was admitted in shock and suffering from multiple organ failure. Still conscious, JC reportedly reported that immediately after eating the food he began to vomit and experienced chills, weakness, shortness of breath, headaches, blurred vision and chest pains – and when his skin began to turn “purple”, a friend with whom it was decided to take him to the emergency room. The friend, who had also eaten, said he threw up right away and felt better.

The New England Journal noted that despite immediate treatment, the young man’s condition worsened, with his blood pressure dropping. Later, doctors diagnosed him with fulminant meningococcemia, an infection caused by the bacteria. Neisseria meningitidis. This type of infection is prevented by the vaccine against meningitis. The patient, however, had not received the first dose of the immunizing agent until he was 12 years old. The booster dose should have been given four years later. The condition has evolved into sepsis, a reaction that causes the immune system to damage tissues and organs in the body and can lead to death. In JC’s case, it caused necrosis in his arms and legs, forcing doctors to amputate parts of the boy’s ten fingers and both legs. It was not revealed which restaurant he ate the spoiled food at.

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