Barbalha carries out educational actions to fight against arboviruses – Badalo

The commune of Barbalha carries out preventive actions against the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits chikungunya, dengue fever and zika, with the aim of explaining to the population the characteristics and lifespan of the mosquito at each stage and the raise awareness of the precautions to be taken to prevent the proliferation of the agent that transmits dengue fever.This Friday (25), teams from the Department of Health carried out decentralized actions to combat the mosquito in the communities of Rosário, Alto do Rosário and Distrito de Estrela. It should be remembered that this week Barbalha recorded the highest number of arbovirus cases among the cities of Cearáaccording to the National Department of Health.

The coordinator of the department of endemics, Robertson Pereira dos Santos, underlined the fundamental role of the population in the fight against the mosquito. “If each person does their part, the community tends to get less sick from arbovirus diseases. A conscious community, the risks of disease decrease considerably. It is important to raise awareness not to accumulate stagnant water, cover water tanks and be careful in containers that contain water as a tank so that the Aedes aegypti mosquito does not proliferate,” the coordinator concluded.

All against dengue fever

Barbalha’s health secretary, through the department of endemic diseases, has intensified preventive actions against the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The “All against Dengue” campaign has already carried out educational interventions in different neighborhoods in urban and rural areas of the municipality.

In addition to the educational exhibition on the care necessary to prevent the proliferation of the dengue transmission agent, endemic agents carry out interventions with the larvicide, which eliminates mosquito larvae within 24 hours, in addition to l use of Ultra Low Volume ( UBV) insecticide, known as smoke.

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