Surveillance warns of rise in chikungunya and dengue fever cases in Jardim das Oliveiras

Next Monday, the 28th, about 140 agents of endemic diseases will travel through the Jardim das Oliveiras neighborhood, in Fortaleza, with educational activities in favor of the fight against Aedes aegypti. In order to avoid epidemics of chikungunya and dengue fever in the neighborhood, the town hall of Fortaleza, through the municipal health service (SMS), will intensify the search for mosquito epidemics. The estimate is to reach over 13,000 properties in the area.

According to a preliminary assessment that precedes the focal elimination activities, carried out by the environmental monitoring and biohazard teams in approximately 2,000 properties surveyed, about 20 residents showed symptoms characteristic of illnesses caused by the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

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Thus, the Health Watch Coordinator, Nélio Morais, reinforces that the Town Hall and the population must act together to minimize the mosquito reproduction cycle and put an end to the spread of the disease in the region.

In the neighborhood, education and mosquito control actions will be carried out, with guidelines on the need to maintain attention to eliminate possible mosquito outbreaks. On occasion, the Clean Backyard operation will also be carried out, in which officers will distribute empty plastic bags to collect unusable materials and, the next day, the garbage accumulated by the population will be collected by the regional collection truck.

During the activities there will also be the application of larvicides and the UBV insecticide in an Aerosystem, consisting of a system suitable for the application of chemicals inside the residences.

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