There’s some new information about PlayStation’s new online service

NoAt the end of 2021, rumors started circulating about Project Spartacus, a plan by Sony for its online service with elements of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. Sony has yet to comment on those plans, with the site VentureBeat to give some information on the subject.

According to the publication, Sony plans to create three models of this new subscription – the PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium. All these models will be entitled to a monthly offer of games (as is currently the case in More), and only Extra and Premium will have access to a larger catalog of titles.

On the other hand, Premium subscribers will be entitled to the streaming capabilities present in PlayStation Now, as well as access to classic games (possibly from the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and original PlayStation) and even playable demos from other titles.

At the moment it is believed that PlayStation Plus Essential will cost $10 per month, PlayStation Plus Extra will cost $13 and PlayStation Plus Premium will go up to $16. These values ​​may change in the future, but at this time this is the information we have.

It’s possible that Sony is preparing to unveil this redesign of its online service soon, with rumors indicating that the company prepare a presentation for next March.

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