Tik Tok | What are the top brand and hashtag trends for 2022?

O ICT Tac This Friday (25) released a report that consolidates detailed information on the performance of videos on the platform from October 2020 to October 2021. The analysis distributed the hashtags that had a high correlation with each category and these have been sorted by volume. According to the company, the most popular hashtags on social media had an average engagement rate of 12%.

An important measure for advertising purposes is that showing products on TikTok has proven to be a big deal. As of December 2021, the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag had over 7.4 billion views. Additionally, the platform currently brings together over 100,000 creators from 24 markets.

The company claims that 96.96% of video views took place on the “For You” page, which is curated by algorithms that adapt to the person’s tastes. Audio has also become important: 88% of people say that sound is essential to their overall app experience. The songs got a 47% higher video view rate on the “For You” page compared to hashtags.

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Video chart of TikTok products (Image: Playback/TikTok)

Product videos, identified by the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, have seen the above swing over the past year. The study also provides these knowledge:

  • 73% feel a deeper connection to the brands they interact with on TikTok compared to other platforms.
  • 78% agree that the best brands on TikTok are those that work with users;
  • 70% feel part of the community on TikTok;
  • 67% say TikTok inspired them to buy, even if they hadn’t thought of it.

By category, food and drink videos have seen overall growth of 106% over the past year; travel, 163%; and sports and outdoor activities had the highest rate at 286%. Below is a list of the most popular hashtags:

  • #soccer(#soccer): more than 14 billion views;
  • #curiosities (#curiosities): more than 10 billion views;
  • #flamingo: over 5.7 billion views;
  • #football: more than 5.3 billion views;
  • #neymar: over 5.2 billion views;
  • #recipe (#recipe): more than 5 billion views;
  • #food (#food): more than 4.2 billion views;
  • #receitasfaceis (#easyrecipe): more than 676 million views;
  • #motorhome: more than 272 million views;
  • #vanlife: more than 226 million views;
  • #issoébrasil (#thisisbrazil): more than 90 million views;
  • #sailboat (#sailboat): more than 147 million views.

Source: ICT Tac

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