Butantan delivers the 1st batch of vaccine against the Darwin strain

In order to use it in the 2022 vaccination campaign, the Instituto Butantane delivered to the National Vaccination Program (PNI) a batch of 2 million doses new flu vaccine. So much so that this formulation included protection against the Darwin strain, the virus responsible for some flu outbreaks in places like Rio de Janeiro.

Delivery was only scheduled for March this year and was brought forward to the end of February. According to Butantan, this was only possible because the institute sent the documentation to the regulatory agency on February 18 and received a return from the a visa as fast.


The vaccine is changed every year because the diseases it is seasonal and is based on the three subtypes of the influenza virus, including those that circulated the most last year in the southern hemisphere indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO).

In addition, vaccines are updated and used in annual vaccination campaigns, conducted before winter, when flu cases increase most of the time. The Butantan Institute is focusing on delivering 80 million doses for the vaccination campaign, which is divided into two stages: 40 million at the end of March and the remaining 40 at the end of April.

It should be recalled that the flu vaccine Butantan will be distributed within the framework of the Unified Health System (SUS) and that it is trivalent, that is to say composed of the H1N1 viruses, strain B and H3N2, of the subtype Darwin.

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Source: The globe

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