iPhone 12 Pro Max with USB-C? You just need to win the eBay auction

Even with all the pressure it’s been under, Apple is still betting on the Lightning port for the iPhone. It was expected that he had already adopted the USB-C interface, but the truth is that he is betting on the one he created a few years ago.

This decision did not prevent some researchers from taking this problem in hand and creating new features on the iPhone. The latest comes for the iPhone 12 Pro Max and gives that smartphone a USB-C port. This is now for sale on eBay.

Apple Lightning USB-C interface for iPhone

USB-C on iPhone but not Apple

Some curious researchers have been trying for some time to create an iPhone with a USB-C port. The success of this idea is already acquired, but always in a very closed circle and to which few are able to access. The sale price of the first reached 75,000 euros during an auction on e-Bay.

Now the company DEEP took another big step in creating this iPhone and changed a Pro Max. In the same way as the previous one, everything has been documented in a video, where you can see the process of removing the Lightning port and installing USB-C.

original video

Replace the Lightning port with the new one

In practice, exchanging these interfaces means that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is open and several connectors are exchanged. This way connections are maintained and working with downloading, transferring files or syncing music, videos or photos.

To work, a major change is needed. A new MFi chip, taken from another device, must be placed inside the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which simplifies the connection of a USB-C cable. It is always necessary to change the battery for a smaller one and to change the speaker box.

Much more than changing an interface

After being modified, this Apple smartphone directed to eBay be auctioned among the many users who want to have it in their possession. The iPhone 12 Pro Max went on sale last Thursday and will be available until March 6.

With this change, the iPhone is already getting closer to the standard on the MacBook and even on the iPad. There is still no information on a possible modification of this interface, but as we have seen, it is possible and has no impact on users.

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