Samsung and Xiaomi together can’t beat Apple’s iPhone

The latest report from Counterpoint Research reveals that the global turnover of the smartphone market in 2021 will exceed 448 billion dollars, or 400 billion euros.

Apple’s iPhone was the best-selling model and if we add the worldwide revenues of Xiaomi and Samsung, the total cannot exceed the values ​​obtained by the market leader Apple.

iPhone earns Apple $196 billion in global revenue

Apple iPhone SE
The new iPhone SE could boost Apple’s global sales in 2022 Credit@Xleaks7

The Counterpoint Research company has published another report on the global smartphone market in 2021. The results point to the global turnover of terminals exceeding 448 billion dollars, or 400 billion euros. This means that the market recorded a rise of 7% compared to the previous year and a monthly rise of 20%.

According to the same report, the market leader is Apple with a worldwide turnover of 196 billion dollars (about 174 billion euros). In second place is Samsung with a turnover of 72 billion dollars (or 63 billion euros), followed by OPPO with 37 billion dollars (or 32 billion euros).

Xiaomi ranks fourth and Vivo fifth, thanks to global revenues of $36 billion (€31 billion) and $34 billion (€30 million), respectively.

Based on these values, we were able to draw a conclusion from the Counterpoint Research report. If we add the revenues of Xiaomi and Samsung, the value obtained cannot even come close to the global revenues of Apple, which, thanks to its successful iPhone, was the market leader in 2021.

Apple accounts for 44% of total global smartphone sales

Galaxy S22
Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series could put Samsung on top of the global smartphone market

The analyst firm even specifies that iPhone revenues increased by 35% year over year to reach the aforementioned $ 196 billion. In practice, Apple accounts for around 44% of total global smartphone sales.

Counterpoint Research also highlights the fact that strong demand for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, pushed the average price of the model up by 14%.

Meanwhile, Samsung saw the average price of its handsets increase by 5%, while OPPO saw a higher average handset increase of around 15%.

Apple becoming the market leader in China will also help drive these values ​​into global revenue, after all, China is just the biggest smartphone market available to all brands.

Realme was the fastest growing brand in Europe in 2021

Realme 9 Pro+
Innovations such as blood pressure monitoring in the 9 Pro+ model are one of the reasons cited for Realme’s European success

However, another report, this time from the company Strategy Analytics, tells us that Realme was the fastest growing brand on the European continent in 2021. According to the company, Realme recorded an annual growth of 548%, compared to at the same period.

Strategy Analytics goes further in this analysis and argues that this Chinese brand is more successful in Central and Eastern Europe, having recorded an annual growth of 643%. In Western Europe, its growth is 416% per year.

According to the same report, Samsung remains in first place with 29% European market share, followed by Apple with 23%. In third place is Xiaomi with 20% and fourth to OPPO with a 5% share in the European market. Realme enters straight into fifth place with a 3% market share.

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