THE BALL – When Amorim ‘stopped the lid’… (Sporting)

We have already noticed that Rúben Amorim, the Sporting coach, intensely experiences the impact of each match, is attentive to every detail and never tires of guiding and encouraging his players.

Yesterday, however, the blanket jumped out at him in the match with Marítimo (1-1). The team were still throwing rockets and picking up the rods after managing to make it 1-1 and Marítimo had already reached the goal, but the offer would end up being (well) canceled for offside by Xadas, who had made the center for Alipour to finish.

But there, despite the refusal of the offer, the Leonine coach was deeply irritated by the fact that his players had fallen asleep at that time, he who demands absolute concentration from the first to the last minute.
This, despite the fact that in the stadium, and while Manuel Oliveira listened to the indications of the VAR, Rúben Amorim still seemed rested, perfectly confident that the blow would be canceled – the game was practically in front of him and, apparently, he had not doubts that Xadas was in an irregular position.

What is certain is that the meeting would end in a draw and that the lion had just lost the status of the least beaten team in the League, with 16 goals conceded, the same as FC Porto, which did not only comes into play today.

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