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Pouso Alegre reaches 500 deaths from COVID-19. (photo: Madu Macedo)

Pouso Alegre, in southern Minas, has reached the mark of 500 lives lost to COVID-19 recorded since the start of the pandemic. The epidemiological bulletin released by the town hall on Monday (02/28) provides data up to February 25. The municipality recorded four additional deaths from complications of the disease compared to the previous survey, within a seven-day interval.

According to data from the prefecture, Pouso Alegre is the second city in the region with the highest number of deaths from the coronavirus, behind only Poos de Caldas, which has registered 550 deaths since the start of the pandemic until last Friday ( 02/25) .

Regarding the total number of people infected, Pouso Alegre leads the ranking of South Minas, underlines the Secretary of State for Health (SES-MG). The state bulletin records 35,152 contaminations, while Varginha, which occupies second place, has 28,141 cases until Sunday (02/27). The current Pouso Alegre Town Hall bulletin reports 389 new records, with a total of 35,701 cases since the start of the pandemic. The daily average was around 55 new infections between the last two bulletins. Last month, the city of Cheogu recorded a daily average of more than 300 cases of contamination, it was not at the height of the micron variant.

Understanding the situation of hospitalizations for COVID-19

The positive news from the latest newsletter is the reduction in clinical bed occupancy, which reached 87% at the beginning of the month and now stands at 52%. According to specialists, this is already a reflection of the passage of the peak of contamination by the micron variant, which caused the explosions in January.

In intensive care units, there are 11 hospitalized patients among the 30 beds available for the treatment of the disease in the city. The 36% occupancy has not changed in the period between the last two bulletins. On January 9, there were only two hospitalized patients, i.e. 6% of intensive care beds were occupied. The number rose to 20% on January 12 and reached 43% on the last 16.

Disease outbreaks and childhood vaccination

COVID outbreaks were recorded at Asilo Betnia da Providência and Pouso Alegre prison in February. At the asylum, the release of 32 elderly people was celebrated with a restricted party and the presence of the military police band.

Another aspect that, according to epidemiologists and doctors, contributes to reducing the transmissibility of the COVID virus is the increase in vaccination and protection measures. Children aged 5 to 11 have been vaccinated since January. The first stage included people with comorbidities or disabilities in this age group, in addition to older people who are part of the general public. Vaccination accelerated after more doses arrived in February, when vaccination reached the general public up to age 5. (Nayara Andery / Special for EM.)

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