For the first time in a long time, Android 13 will copy iOS

Android users have long wanted a feature that has been available on iOS for quite some time. A recent change in the development schedule for this feature could finally bring it to Android 13. This is great news for fans of Google’s mobile operating system!

Users of android have long wanted features that have been available on iOS for quite some time now. A recent change in the development schedule for this feature may finally bring it to Android 13. This is great news for fans of the mobile operating system. google!

Google’s I/O Developer Conference is fast approaching and with it comes the first leaks about new Android 13 features. Android 2022 Edition could be called Tiramisu and will offer new themes, integrated QR code scanning, faster connectivity updates, easier sharing, and other updates big and small.

Among Android 13’s minor feature updates, here’s the latest leak, courtesy of Mishaal Rahman, which states that Google can finally add brightness control to the camera flash, when used as a flashlight.

THE Apple included the ability to adjust iPhone flashlight brightness for a while in iOS, while the Samsung simply implemented by itself in OneUI. Google may finally be following suit to enable this system-wide option for all Android phones, but it looks like only future devices will be able to take advantage of Android 13’s potential new option.

Samsung Torch Brightness Settings - Long-Lasting iOS Feature May Jump to Android 13 to Change

Setting flash brightness Samsung

This is because the flash brightness control inputs in the Android 13 APIs would require a hardware interface that not all phones would have installed with their camera sets. The CameraManager class in Android 13 code introduces getTorchStrengthLevel and turnOnTorchWithStrengthLevel methods which until now only included an on/off switch. The second option would fire the flash with a previously set intensity, while the first would adjust it in real time.

Unfortunately, after reviewing the code, Rahman is of the opinion that the light intensity option for the Android 13 flashlight system should only debut on the upcoming Pixel phones which are expected to be revealed during the Google’s I/O conference and beyond. Android phone makers would start implementing this feature in their interface.

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