Larval density assessment shows “the level of dengue infestation in Porto Ferreira

Last January, the vector control section of the Porto Ferreira health department, through endemic disease control agents, carried out the first larval density assessment (ADL) of 2022, an activity of research in which it is possible to measure the level of infestation in the mosquito commune Aedes aegyptiwhich transmits dengue fever, zika, chikungunya and yellow fever.

On average, 600 properties were worked in different areas of the city, chosen at random, through an electronic lottery. At the end of the search, the following clues were found:

Building Index (IP): 9.72%

These data indicate that of the number of properties worked, 9.72% had mosquito larvae samples Aedes aegypticonfirmed by laboratory methods.

Breteau index (BI): 15.82%

She informs that of all the containers containing water and larvae investigated, 15.82% had positive samples for the mosquito. Aedes aegypticonfirmed by laboratory methods.

Neighborhoods with the highest positivity rate: Neighborhoods that exhibited expressive numbers in vector positivity were Cuca Fresca, Vila Maria, Jardim Anésia, Jardim Dalva, Estância Flávia, Parque José Gomes, Jardim Esperança, Vila Nova and Vila Daniel.

Beneficiaries with the highest positivity rate for Aedes aegypti: Types of containers that had the highest rate of mosquito larvae Aedes aegypti were tires, animal waterers, cans, plastics and bottles in general. A considerable number of disposable and returnable bottles were also removed by officers.

The Vector Control Section asks for the support of the population of Ferreira to receive the agent at their home, not to throw garbage in vacant lots and to consult an emergency doctor in case of high fever, ailments headache (behind the eyes), body aches, vomiting, diarrhea and red spots on the skin. Using a repellent is also a way to avoid getting infected. Remember: we are still in a pandemic, but dengue, zika and chikungunya are also serious illnesses. Take care!

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