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Curvature and shortening of the penis may indicate Peyronie's disease

Photo: Deon Black/Unsplash

The healthy human penis can be of different sizes, circumferences and shapes. However, curvature changes in adulthood are an important sign to look out for, as it may be the first symptom of Peyronie’s disease.

According to metropolisesthe condition is an alteration of the male genital organ caused by the appearance of rigid fibrotic plaques on the penis, causing it to develop an abnormal curvature, which makes erection and intimate contact difficult.

In some cases, the problem can give the penis a “wrinkled” appearance, making it shorter or hourglass-shaped. When left untreated, Peyronie’s disease can cause erectile dysfunction, infertility, and damage intimate relationships, affecting relationships.

“It’s totally normal to have a curved penis. However, if a penile curvature is new to you – up, down, or sideways – it’s worth seeing your doctor.” The Sun.

In addition to the new curvature, the disease can manifest as pain with or without erection, bumps that can be felt under the skin, shortening of the penis and difficulty in penetration. The condition rarely goes away on its own.

When the condition is still early, with inflammatory symptoms without fibrosis or scarring, the doctor may indicate the use of anti-inflammatories to relieve symptoms.

When the disease is already in the most chronic phase, in which fibrosis and scarring and a large curvature of the penis can be observed, the doctor usually recommends surgery to eliminate the fibrosis and correct the curvature, especially when penetration is difficult.

“If you have any concerns, it is best to consult your doctor as soon as possible, and he can advise you or refer you to treatment. The main thing is not to suffer in silence,” the urologist said.

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