Bankinter makes waves with 0.9% spread for those transferring credit from home to bank – Credit

There is a new episode in the “spread war” in Portugal. Customers who transfer their home loan to Bankinter will benefit from a lower minimum spread than that currently marketed by the bank.

According to a promotional campaign launched by the bank on Wednesday, loans that are transferred from other entities can benefit from a minimum rate of 0.9%, a percentage lower than the spread of 0.95% applied by Bankinter.

The offer will only be available to those who make the transfer request during March, with the bank bearing all costs associated with the transfer, in a campaign to steal customers from the competition.

Bankinter is currently the only bank in Portugal with a spread of less than 1% and has intensified its campaigns to increase the number of customers in this credit segment, which continues to grow and renews new heights before the financial crisis of 2008

At the end of the year, Bankinter had launched a campaign offering an identical spread of 0.9%, but for all new mortgage contracts.

“This offer in force during the month of March reinforces Bankinter’s benchmark positioning in mortgage loans, an area so important for families, being another reflection of the strategy that we are developing every day to create solutions that meet the needs of our customers and who accompany them in the realization of their projects”, underlines Vítor Pereira, member of the Executive Committee of Bankinter Portugal and Director of Products, CRM, Marketing and Digital Channels, in a press release published by the bank.

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