GOG Benfica Handball EHF European Championship


benfica and GOG discussed the leadership of Group B of the EHF European League, on the afternoon of this Tuesday, March 1, in a match referring to the 9th round. Triumph of the Danes, by 39-38, in a game of ambitions, emotions and arbitration that unbalanced.

At the start of the game, Benfica and GOG were tied at the top of the table of Group B of the European competition, with 13 points. We recall that the last time the two teams met, in a 4th round match, the Danes won (25-33), in a match against Luz. At the Phönix Tag Arena, home of GOG, Benfica showed up without Rogério Moraes and Arnau. Garcia (injured), but with a huge desire in Give an answer and take the lead solo.

The start of the match was very positive and balanced, with successive draws and an advantage for both sides. Benfica tried to stay ahead, accelerating longer and more worked attacks, but the hosts, aggressive in defense and efficient in attack, changed the result from a 16-15 to a 19-15 and took control of the game. Despite the recovery still obtained, the Eagles went out at halftime trailing 20-18.

Petar Djordjic

The attacks were superior to the defenses and, five minutes after the restart, the score was 25-21. The embodied felt difficulty penetrating the aggressive opposing defense and, simultaneously, overcoming the wall called Viktor Hallgrímsson, the goalkeeper of GOG. Faced with these unsatisfactory indicators, Chema Rodríguez rallied the troops. After the timeout, Benfica realized the mistakes made, left them behind and approach until 29-26. It was a fleeting sun, so still to engage some mistakesEagles allowed the Danes to distance themselves again (34-28).

O Benfica did not give up and recovered until the two goal difference (38-36)when the team the referee sent off Alexis Borges and showed Paulo Moreno a red card… very questionable decisions! Reduced to four short players, one minute from the end, the the incarnates were once again betrayed by the arbiterexcluding Ole Rahmel, yet another controversial decision, who stained and ended up deciding, a game of emotion and decision. Final result: 39-38 to GOG, who take the lead in Group B.

The next meeting of the eagles, referring to the 20th round of the national championshipis planned for 3:00 p.m. March 5, Saturdayin front of FC Gaia, at Pavilion n.º 2 da Luz.

Benfica-Águas Santas


Chema Rodríguez (Benfica coach): “It was a very difficult match, with a lot of adversity. The team adapted very well, fought until the end and I am very proud of the work they did and of the boys. outside, that’s how it was, they never threw in the towel at any time.” , and I can only be proud of it. In the future, these games will help us grow. They played an authentic game.”

Phonix Tag Arena
Benfica’s starting line-up
Gustavo Capdeville, Jonas Källman, Petar Djordjic, Lazar Kukic, Demis Grigoras, Ole Rahmel and Alexis Borges
Sergey Hernandez, Mahamadou Keita, Carlos Martins, Bélone Moreira, Paulo Moreno, Tadej Kljun, Luciano Silva and Francisco Pereira
on break 20-18
Benfica goalscorers
Lazar Kukic (7), Jonas Källman (6), Demis Grigoras (6), Ole Rahmel (5), Petar Djordjic (5), Bélone Moreira (4), Paulo Moreno (3), Alexis Borges (1) and Luciano Silva (1)

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