Benfica guarantees ‘financial strength’ despite 1st half loss – Benfica

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Eagles recall ‘rare year in which significant gains were not recorded from player pass sales’

Benfica’s SAD closed the first half of 2021/22 with a loss of 31.7 million euros, as indicated in the annual report transmitted to the CMVM and this Wednesday the eagles refer to these figures in the daily bulletin. “Despite the unusual loss presented, in a rare year where there have been no significant gains from the sale of player passes, the financial strength of Benfica, SAD is notorious,” they begin by mentioning. “Equity remains very positive; after all the restrictions motivated by the fight against the pandemic, there is a gradual return to normal with regard to commercial income; and it is clear that the increases in personnel costs were due, in part, to a policy of expanding the workforce which has already begun to readjust, but which cannot be implemented abruptly,” they continue.

Finally, the Reds leave the guarantee that “the economic and financial sustainability of Benfica, SAD is a concept that continues to guide management and this remains guaranteed”.


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