Lincoln pardons one of the perpetrators of racist acts at SP Braga-Santa Clara

After the game against Sp. Braga, Lincoln complained of racist acts at the end of the match between Braga and Santa Clara. This Wednesday, the Brazilian midfielder explained that he spoke to one of the perpetrators of the racist acts and accepted his apology.

The Azorean player praised the emblem cheerleader Minho who favored the conversation between him and one of the fans who allegedly imitated the monkey sounds in the stands.

“I’m here to clarify what happened to me in the game against Sp. Braga. I received several messages of support and strength, but some people felt that I was trying to promote myself with the situation. No, the matter is serious. They said I didn’t complain at the time. Just because you didn’t complain at the time doesn’t mean there wasn’t an act [racista]. There was an act of racism and it is serious and serious. We cannot turn a blind eye to this kind of situation, ”he began by saying.

“I want to congratulate the cheerleader of Sp. Braga who moved and found those responsible for the acts [racistas]. One of them spoke to me, apologized for the act. I accepted the apology and left a message: learn from your mistakes and don’t start over with other types of people. We don’t deserve this. We deserve respect. We must respect to be respected. I was not promoting what happened. I hope the other elements will regret it. do the same [que este adepto]. Don’t do it for me, do it for your good and for your heart. Thanks again to the Sp. Braga supporters for finding one of the people responsible. And I commend this element for initiative and virility. Amid the mistakes, he admitted he was wrong. Apologies accepted,” he added.

It should be noted that after the accusations made by Lincoln and Santa Clara, Sp. Braga was ‘surprised’.

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