a million separating Sporting from Santa Clara

Santa Clara does not give up five million and 20% of a future transfer, waving an English proposal to put pressure on Sporting, which is still around a million of this amount.

Sporting are already planning next season and are in talks with Santa Clara to strengthen the squad with Japanese midfielder Hidemasa Morita. For its acquisition, the greens and whites intend to put on the table a proposal similar to that which guaranteed, during the last closed session, the hiring of Manuel Ugarte: a fixed value accessible by the purchase of a percentage of the pass, with the possibility of predefined payments to reinforce this property, with Santa Clara always retaining a portion of a future sale. Yet around a million euros still separates the parties.

The leonine emblem conducted a survey with Santa Clara and learned of the conditions to be negotiated, which the Azoreans do not give up: 5 M€ and 20% of a future sale. The lions are ready to reach €4m to guarantee a player already adapted to Portuguese football (completes his second season in Santa Clara and plays 30 games in 2021/22).

Morita, the 26-year-old Japan international, was one step away from Hull City in January and was scouted earlier by Fenerbahçe. He has a contract until 2024 and a release clause of 10 million euros. Santa Clara are going through a period of financial difficulties and want to secure the sale quickly, with Sporting keen to anticipate and sign the complete midfielder before there is no more competition. This is because, as far as it has been possible to ascertain, the Azoreans have on the table an investigation into English football which corresponds to the requirements.

Sporting have a good relationship with the islanders, which was evident in the way they facilitated the resolution of the link of Luiz Pellipe, whose transfer represented a heavy burden with no compatible income.

Six and eight that prevent double output
Morita can play in six and eight and his acquisition is part of the renovation of the mid-sector, which in the summer can lose not only João Palhinha, but also Matheus Nunes. The two usual starters have the market and can provide a much-desired fit, with Amorim and Sporting confident of succession with Ugarte and Braganca, but the duo are short for the purposes of a long season. Morita, with skills in defending for his positioning and aggression, and organizing for his vision and passing quality, enters the plans.

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