“Alive” Israeli fortera in a 500 million investment in Portugal – Imobiliário

Founded by Elad Dror and Nir Shalom, the Israeli group Fortera entered Portugal in 2015, where it has a series of real estate projects underway in the cities of Porto, Gaia, Espinho and Braga, which include residential, office and of hotels, and which has just announced its intention to invest “500 million euros, over five years, in 1,000 new homes”.

The announcement comes amid the revelation that it will be implementing a new concept across all its new buildings, which promises to “revolutionize the way we live and think about housing, introducing for the first time in Portugal Alive by Fortera, with an initial investment of around 115 million euros,” Fortera said in a statement.

The Israeli group adds that it will create infrastructure in its buildings and introduce the “Alive by Fortera” concept, which consists of “a series of new services and ‘equipment’ that make people’s lives easier, and respond to this new way of life. ‘being: from spaces for sharing knowledge, to recreational activities, also through moments of interaction, common spaces for ‘coworking’, etc.”, he explains.

Fortera explains that this new concept of housing, which “intends to create synergies, bring people together and offer full habitability in the 21st century, uses technology and development, and puts it at the service of people”, also having as its objective “the development of contexts of proximity and the fight against loneliness, i.e. reducing loneliness, increasing solidarity, mutual aid and security between neighbours”.

“‘Alive by Fortrera’ will revolutionize the relationships between people in the buildings they inhabit, because we are not just talking about residential buildings! a private condominium, which offers leisure spaces for children, spaces for sports and for the so-called ‘houseworking’, in a valence of common interaction between co-owners”, underlines Elad Dror, CEO of the Fortera group.

The first projects promoted by Fortera that will incorporate this new concept are located in Gaia and Espinho.

The first will be “Downtown Espinho”, whose housing building is called Alive Espinho, with 84 fractions and an initial investment of 15 million euros; the second will be Alive Riverside, from Gaia, which will have around 300 apartments and is budgeted at 110 million euros.

The company justifies the launch of the “Alive by Fortera” concept by having identified that “with the pandemic, the housing paradigm has changed, and the way homes are lived in will never be the same”.

“We wanted to evolve our buildings in this direction and create the conditions for people to enjoy the space with the capacity for versatility, more precisely because there is a growing lack of meaningful connections between neighbors and we realize the importance of building relationships, building trust, living in a safe environment where people can relate to and help each other. We wanted to develop a tool that helps people have a better quality of life and better experiences,” concludes Elad Dror.

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