Does lemon seasoning red meat reduce fat?

In barbecues, pan-fried or roasted in the oven, meat is the preferred option for most Brazilians, being a guaranteed presence in events, meetings, among others. However, many people believe that eating meat is not so beneficial to health due to the large amounts of fat. They even believe that seasoning meat with lemon can help reduce its amounts of fat. But, is it true?

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Health benefits of meat

Contrary to popular belief, eating meat can be healthy. It is a source of energy and its fat helps in the maintenance of various functions of the human body, such as: the production of hormones and the integration of the membranes that surround the cells.

A lot of research indicates that meat fat isn’t as bad as we always hear it. In fact, about 70% of the fat in red meat helps lower total cholesterol. The remaining 30% raises LDL cholesterol, but it also raises HDL cholesterol.

Moreover, no epidemiological or scientific study proves that the scarcity of animal protein is linked to longevity. But what makes the consumption of meat harmful is the quantity ingested, because it disrupts the diet.

Overeating can exacerbate obesity problems and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, the amount of salt added in the barbecue preparation is greater than in the other types of preparation.

Does lemon seasoning reduce fat in meat?

Although lemon has many health benefits, it is not effective in reducing fat from meat. Its contribution is limited to imparting more flavor and making the meat more tender due to the amounts of citric acid which, in turn, changes the muscle structure of the meat.

How to remove fat from meat?

The only way to reduce the fat in meat is to remove the most concentrated cuts of fat.

An alternative is to opt for leaner cuts, such as: duckling, tenderloin, titty, lizard, hard top and soft top. And finally, remember to avoid excess oil and salt when preparing.

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