Gamer kills one of the toughest enemies with magic attack •

Elden Ring has a much wider range of spells and enchantments than previous From Software games. Some players have even started to wonder if the spell builds might be too powerful.

After watching the following video, you will probably say yes. The video, shared on redditshows a player using the spell Comet Azur to defeat the Black Blade Kindred, a very tough and tough optional enemy, with a single blow.

We don’t know what level this player character is at, but looking at the health bar, FP and stamina, we can assume that he is surely above level 80 or even 90. Still, the power that magic can achieve in Elden Ring is impressive.

If you are betting on a rise, be aware that the game offers you the possibility of “reviving”, which will give you back the evolution points you have earned by leveling up with the runes. This way you can rebuild your character.

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