Gigafactory Berlin gets government environmental approval, and there’s a problem

The Gigafactory Berlin, Tesla’s factory in Europe, has struggled to go into production. Many problems were presented by the German state, which ended up delaying the entry into production of this factory.

This scenario appears to be about to change, with new information advanced. Gigafactory Berlin has already received environmental approval from the government, but there is one issue that needs to be resolved before opening its doors.

Environmental Certification Gigafactory Berlin Tesla

It's not official yet, but another step Tesla has taken toward preparing for its next Gigafactory is set to be revealed today. The Berlin unit is about to go into production, with environmental approval about to be issued by the German government.

This is an important and essential step for the Gigafactory Berlin to go into production. This has been one of Tesla's biggest problems and has met with a lot of opposition from environmental groups, who don't want the Gigafactory Berlin producing.

Environmental Certification Gigafactory Berlin Tesla

After all these setbacks and problems, related to deforestation and water supply, the last step is about to be taken. What the Handelsblatt newspaper reveals, the environmental approval of the State Environmental Office in Potsdam is ready.

Two good years after the start of construction, the environmental approval process for the electric car factory of the American company Tesla in Grünheide, near Berlin, has been completed. The National Office for the Environment Potsdam (LfU) gives final approval to the new Gigafactory

This same newspaper suggests that the revelation of this change should take place this Friday. Everything should happen at a press conference, where this authorization and what led to its issuance will be presented and discussed.

Environmental Certification Gigafactory Berlin Tesla

Despite this essential step, there is still a problem that should be solved very soon. This environmental approval from the German government does not immediately guarantee entry into production. There are still other proofs and guarantees to be given.

The decision does not mean Tesla can begin car production immediately. The state Department of Environment recently said the project's builder must meet other requirements and provide evidence before the plant can be put into operation.

The Gigafactory Berlin is essential to Tesla's growth plans in Europe and a very important asset for the brand. With its production, you will be able to accelerate the production of your cars and supply this market, essential for the defined plans.

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