Khedira talks about ‘two Cristiano Ronaldos’ and reveals Mourinho’s confession

sfriend Khedira granted, this Friday, a long interview to the television channel ESPNin which he revealed what it was like to share a dressing room with Cristiano Ronaldo, first at Real Madrid and then in the service of Juventus.

The former player praised the Portuguese international, and devalued the negative moment he is going through at Manchester United: “You have to give him the ball in the box and make him understand that you are going to fight, run and do everything for him, because in the end he will probably score the winning goal”.

“I met two Cristianos. The first was at Real Madrid. He was a bit young, and a bit more insecure and selfish too. Not selfish in a bad way, just in the way that young strikers are… He had to find your personality,” he said.

“Then the second Cristiano, after moving to Juventus… He was much more of a leader. Still driven by ego and selfishness in goal, but more focused on pressuring his team-mates and helping them to be better,” he continued.

“We saw that on the first day, shooting on goal. He was very competitive, whether with that or in 4×4. He wanted to bet, he said ‘100 euros or a bottle of wine’. He is a competitor, and if he loses, he gets angry. That’s why no one wants to disappoint him,” he added.

Sami Khedira also revealed a confession José Mourinho made to him when they worked together at Real Madrid: “I remember talking to him in 2016 and he told me how much he loved Juventus because it was one of the last clubs with a very strong DNA”.

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