LE BALLON – “The Superliga lies more than Putin” (Spain)

Spanish League president Javier Tebas said yesterday that “the Superliga is more than [Vladimir] Putin” and accuses Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus of remaining attached to the organization of a European competition, now in two divisions, on the sidelines of UEFA.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin also did not spare the three clubs: “First they started with this absurd idea in the midst of a pandemic. Now they want to go back in the middle of a war.

“You have to be an idiot to believe what they say”, launched Tebas, during the Business of Football conference, organized by the Financial Times, denouncing a meeting “a week ago” at the home of Andrea Agnelli, president from Juventus, “to talk about the Superliga”, and revealing details on how the project is recovered:

“It will be a continental league with two divisions. National leagues will be used to qualify teams. The greats will always be there. They must think the clubs in the national leagues are stupid. Tebas saw Real, Barca and Juve as ‘three castaways who say their project won’t affect the rest [clubes]and feels “humiliated” by such statements, arguing that the Superliga, even without the English, “will be very bad for football”.

Andrea Agnelli, at the same event, said that “the Superliga has not failed” and revealed that “11 clubs are still linked” to the project. He added that within five years Juventus “will be playing in the biggest club competition in the world”.

In another context, the UEFA president admitted the hypothesis of “a global Nations League” and revealed that the competition “is in discussion with FIFA”. The World Cup every two years “no one wants”.

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