Nothing prepares the first smartphone announcement for April 2022

the manufacturer nothingindependently initiated by the co-founder of OnePlusCarl Pei, must finally enter the world of smartphones.

According to the website Tech Crunch, the cell phone has been in development for a year and is expected to be unveiled in April this year. Currently, the executive is showing prototypes to potential investors and business partners in closed-door meetings at the MWC 2022the current edition of the largest mobile fair in the world, which takes place in Barcelona.

There are no photos of the device, official or leaked, but those who attended the meetings say the look has elements of transparency and a design that reinforces the identity of the young brand.


In previous conversations with the site, Pei said there are several products in various stages of development, but he didn’t confirm whether a smartphone was among the plans. Remember that Nothing acquired, in 2021, the brand behind Essential Phone.

Carl Pei left OnePlus in January 2021 and quickly opened Nothing, with investments open to fans and under the motto of being “community driven”. The brand has so far presented only one product: the ear (1)a pair of wireless headphones, launched in the middle of last year.

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