Olavooo mines cryptocurrency without user knowledge

Following the success of the game sober, Olav.ooo, which satirizes the late Bolsonarist guru Olavo de Carvalho, has been gaining space on social media in recent days, primarily on Twitter. What players didn’t know was that the game secretly uses users’ computer processing to mine cryptocurrencies.

The game requires a lot of processing power, which causes the computer to experience crashes and also overheating – notably, my computer suffered during the tests of the game. All this has an explanation: mining the cryptocurrency monero (XRM ) in catimini.

By analyzing the processes in the computer’s task manager, the laptop’s processor was quickly used at 92% in tests carried out by Gizmodo Brasil. After a few seconds, it reaches 100%. This is when Google Chrome became sluggish and subsequently stopped responding for a few seconds, all while the temperature rose dramatically.

The secret mining was denounced by the Twitter profile @Eduhst, which warned players about the game which is becoming increasingly popular. The information was confirmed later fur technoblog.

To protect yourself from any website or game that uses your processing to mine cryptocurrencies, you can install an extension on your browser that blocks this type of activity. One of them is minerblock.

It is possible to find Wordle-style games, in Portuguese, that do not steal your salary to mine digital assets. Games like Wordle, Letreco and others can be easily found on the internet. In this article we have listed the best ones, check them out.

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