production could reach “hundreds of thousands” in April

How? ‘Or’ What steam bridge begins to fall into the hands of early online shoppers to purchase the console laptop, the manufacturer has given indications that an increased production rate may be on the horizon.

In an interview with IGN, Steam Deck designer Lawrence Yang assured that the shortage of components will be alleviated very soon. Yang hinted that “hundreds of thousands” of Steam Deck units will be produced by April, when production is expected to be ramped up significantly.


Pre-order console buyers can then begin to have more clarity on when they will finally receive their units.

You can watch Lawrence Yang’s interview, in English, below:

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stick drift

As for Steam Deck users who already have their laptops in hand, as well as those waiting their turn to receive them, perhaps they can breathe a sigh of relief at an issue plaguing gamers.

THE valve insists, to the delight of Steam Deck enthusiasts, that the stick drift that hit the laptop is a software failure, not a hardware failure, and has already posted a update firmware to fix the problem.

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