‘Ronaldo at Real Madrid was younger, insecure and selfish’

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A former colleague of Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid and Juventus, Germany’s Sami Khedira has established the differences between the Portugal international at the two clubs.

“I met two Cristianos, the first at Real Madrid, a bit younger and maybe a bit more insecure and selfish. Not in a bad way, but he had to find his personality. He scored a lot, a lot of goals and was fantastic, but he didn’t have that much influence on the team, then in my second experience with Cristiano, at Juventus, he came to the team and has that same selfishness. who is selfish to score, but he was more of a leader, a natural leader. He always pressured us and knew he needed the support of his teammates to win trophies,” he said in a statement. interview at ESPN.

“Don’t get me wrong, he was always part of the Real Madrid team, but at Juventus he was a bit more mature. Still focused on the countryside but a bit more relaxed after having kids. He is so competitive… In training everyone wanted to beat Cristiano or if you were in his team you wanted to help him win,” he added.

In the meringues, Khedira coincided with another Portuguese: José Mourinho.

“After the defeat against Spain [meia-final do Mundial de 2010], I was very upset. I was depressed. Then I received a message from my brother saying: ‘Mourinho called you’. I replied: ‘What?’. And he said, ‘Yes, he wants you to be his 6.’”

“I was very young and I couldn’t believe it. But then I called José and he said to me: “Yes, you are an incredible player and an incredible person, I want you to join me at Real Madrid”. My agent flew to Madrid. We had the conversations, but it was only a minute or two. Joseph said, ‘What are your expectations?’ I said I wanted to win. And he said, ‘It’s great, see you in LA in two weeks.

The former German footballer even considers that Mourinho “opened the door” for him to reach “the highest level of football”. However, the Portuguese coach did not have an easy time in the Madrid locker room.

“In the end, let’s say there were a lot of egos in the locker room. The egos have gained the spirit of the bathhouse and the bathhouse has been lost. Maybe it was normal after two intense years. We are talking about winning Clásicos, Copa del Rey, La Liga, with a goals and points record. Players are fed up. In the third season, we were knocked out against Dortmund and finished second or third in La Liga. People were tired of leadership,” he admitted.

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