Russians ‘run’ to Ikea after Russian suspension announcement

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Dafter yesterday, the IKEA furniture and homewares group announced the temporary suspension of your activity in Russia and Belarus due to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, crowds “rushed” into stores to buy the last goods before closing.

Alerted that they will be deprived of Swedish chain stores, thousands of Russians decided to fill the stores, leading to long queues inside stores and at checkouts.

This is shown in the videos – in the gallery above and in the tweet below – that we make available in this article.

It is recalled that, in a press release, IKEA estimated that “the war has already had an enormous human impact” and “also causes a serious disruption of the distribution chain and the conditions of trade”. “For all these reasons, the company’s groups have decided to temporarily suspend IKEA’s activities in Russia,” he posted on his website.

According to the company, these decisions have a direct impact on 15,000 employees, the group ensuring that its ambitions “are long-term” and that “they ensure the stability of employment and income in the immediate future”.

Likewise, the group mentions that the IKEA Foundation has announced an immediate donation of 20 million euros in humanitarian aid for those who have been forced to leave their homes due to the conflict in Ukraine.

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