THE BALL – Gonçalo Ramos on Nélson Veríssimo: “It’s good to have a coach who knows me well” (Benfica)

This is the revelation of the year for the Benfica universe, shining star of the formation and addressed exclusively to A BOLA. He has been compared to João Félix, mainly because he treads the same ground, but he says he is different, more intense and aggressive, and justifies a rise in power with Veríssimo: “It’s good to have a coach who know well. »

He won the Cosme Damião award as a revelation in men’s football, overtaking Paulo Bernardo and Morato, also present in Benfica’s main team. What reasons do you find to justify this election?

-Any of the nominees would deserve to win, that would be fair, we are three highlights of Benfica’s line-up. My work, my performance, my affirmation in the first team have helped to justify this choice of winner of the prize.

– Is it a tasty prize?
– I don’t even know what to say, I wasn’t prepared, but it’s a pride to be distinguished. This prize belongs to everyone, without the work of everyone, no one can stand out. I have been representing Benfica for a long time and Benfica has helped shape the person and the man that I am and that is the most important thing.

– Does the knowledge Benfica coach Nélson Veríssimo brings from training help explain Gonçalo’s rise to prominence?
– It’s always good to have a coach who knows us well. In addition to being more comfortable, because the coach already knows me, I can play the coach’s ideas very well.

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