THE BALL – Rui Costa leaves a warning at Gala Cosme Damião (Benfica)

Opening the Cosme Damião Gala, which annually honors personalities linked to Benfica, Rui Costa has been in trouble throughout this season, but underlined the demand that everyone honor the club in what remains to be played until to the final.

“At Benfica, the minimum requirement is to win. Because winning is our essence. If, on the one hand, I can say today, with great personal regret, which is also yours, that this season we have had unexpected troubles, on the other hand, until the end of this sports season, in football or in sports, we still have a lot of competition to show character, commitment and to honor the Sacred Mantle. is what I demand of myself, but also of all our athletes, coaches, employees and all those who can and must contribute daily to valuing and honoring the name of Sport Lisboa e Benfica”, underlined the president of the club. , emphasizing from the outset:

“If the present is one of demand and commitment, I am also sure that the reasons that led us to these troubles have been clearly identified and, above all, that the solutions have been defined so that they do not happen again. . And, I’m not afraid to say, to lead again. Whether in football or in sports. We know where we want to go and what we need to do to get there. It is with this very present purpose that we walk the path”.

Rui Costa spoke of a “path of change, which will provide Benfica with the necessary conditions to triumph in a continuous and persistent way”. “A way of change which, inevitably, will have to bring about a change in mentalities, which we want to be competitive. winners. And with the passion that has always characterized this huge club. Whoever represents Benfica must have this mentality. All. No exception. It cannot be so. In this house, winning, losing or drawing can never mean the same thing.

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