THE BALL – Yarmolenko went looking for family at the Ukrainian border (West Ham)

West Ham striker Andrey Yarmolenko, released by the club a few days ago, traveled to the Polish-Ukrainian border to look for family.

It’s been a week since Russia began a military intervention in Ukraine on Thursday, and shortly after the club granted him some time off. According to former coach Andrei Shevchenko, Yarmolenko traveled to the border to pick up his wife and one of three children, who had been on the run since the start of the invasion – at present it is estimated that more one million Ukrainians, mostly women and children, have already fled the country.

Inna Yarmolenko, his wife, recently shared a message in which she shares the pain of having to explain to her children what is happening, and of having to sleep in bunkers.

“The power of sport is incredible. Find out how Everton fans supported Mykolenko and City fans supported Zinchenko. Yarmolenko had his problems too… The woman was with one of the children and had just crossed the border into Poland, he went to get them,” he told Sky Sports.

Shevchenko, whose mother and sister have decided to stay in Kyiv, added: “I am very proud to be Ukrainian. This is a very difficult time for my country, my people, my family. People dying, missiles targeting our homes…”

“Football no longer exists for me, I can’t concentrate on anything else anymore,” he said.

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