The government does not change the taxes and gives 20 euros in March to respond to the “historic” increase in fuel

A new package provides for the extension of the measures defined in October to deal with the sharp increase in fuel, costing an additional 140 million euros

The government will maintain until the end of June the mechanism that allows the refund of the excess VAT that has been invoiced to ISP and will leave the carbon tax suspended. The amount reimbursed by the Autovaucher program will increase from five euros to 20 euros in March.

The package was presented by the Minister of Finance, João Leão, to deal with the “historic price increase” of fuel, dictated by the instability created with the conflict in Ukraine.

For the continuity of these three measures, started last October, a cost of around 140 million euros is planned: 40 million in the Autovaucher, 87 million in the carbon tax and 15 million in the FAI, he said. he concluded.

João Leão added that reimbursements of 26 million euros had already been made at Autovaucher. To access this program, all you have to do is make a payment by card at a participating location. The list can be viewed here.

Measures include public transport

With regard to public transport, the government will extend the existing system to taxis and buses, “now paying 30 cents per liter”. The amount will be paid through the Environmental Fund, per application, in a single payment. Taxis will be paid 342 euros and for buses 1890 euros for the three months during which this solution is extended.

Environment Minister João Pedro Matos Fernandes also admitted that the executive is working on measures to offset increases in natural gas, which are expected to be announced next week.

Brussels supports

João Leão explained that the European Commission was working on a “guidance package” to “mitigate the effects on the economy” of the war in Ukraine, after the Russian invasion. However, given the prospect of higher prices next week – with eight cents a liter for petrol and 14 cents for diesel – “immediate action had to be taken”, he explained. And he admitted that further action could be taken at the national level.

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