Trivia Quest: a series of trivia will be published by Netflix

trivial quest

Netflix’s foray into trivia continues with its new series announced trivial questan interactive experience that will be launched in April 1st.

As well as other interactive series like Black mirror: Bandersnatch or Burglar catalso centered on trivia on Netflix – released last month – trivial quest is an interactive storytelling experience, which means that each “victory” will help the story.

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For trivial questCorrectly answering questions in the game will also help free the protagonist’s friends, willywho swears to rescue the hostage citizens of Trivia Land captured by a knowledge-hungry villain called evil rocky.

trivial quest is the latest series to join the growing list of interactive titles from Netflix. This is the second game after Burglar catincluding an element of curiosities.

a new episode of trivial quest will air daily in April, with 30 episodes in total. Each episode will include 24 trivia questions (12 easy and 12 difficult) in a multiple-choice format. Categories include science, entertainment, sports, art, geography, and history.

Players will be able to repeat quizzes to rack up points and correctly answer questions they may have missed earlier. Weil also writes that each individual questionnaire “features a definite ending, but we don’t want to talk too much about it just yet. You’ll have to play to see.

trivial quest is coming to Netflix next month on Android phones and tablets; iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch; Smart TV, set-top boxes and consoles supported; as well as on the web. Devices not currently supported include Apple TV, some Chromecast devices (excluding those with Google TV), Tesla touchscreens, browsers that use Silverlight, and the Netflix app on Windows.

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