“Ukraine is part of Putin’s world war plan”

gArry Kasparov returned on Thursday to use social media to point the finger at Russian President Vladimir Putin, following the invasion by military forces of Ukraine, which lasted nearly a week.

The former world chess champion wrote that “the war in Ukraine has entered the next phase, that of destroying and killing civilians, and has left a serious warning: ‘This is part of the plan for world war of Putin, a war against the civilized world under law, democracy and any threat to its power”.

“The denial of this war by the free world and years of appeasement allowed Putin to threaten and conquer abroad while Russia became a police state. The price to stop him rose each time “He advanced unchallenged. Ukrainians are paying this price in blood,” he said. started by writing.

“If Putin is not stopped now, is not stopped from destroying Ukraine and committing genocide against its people, there will be a next time, and it will be in NATO, with an unprecedented nuclear threat. Don’t let Putin escalate again in a time and place of your choosing,” the Russian continued.

In this sense, Garry Kasparov calls on Western countries to “send Russia to the technological stone age: “No support, no tools, no services. Oil boycotts are not necessary if oil-dependent technology is not available. The industry will collapse.”

“It’s always tragic that normal people suffer, but they’re not bombed at home like Ukrainians. Every element of Russian society that manages to put pressure on Putin must know that he must choose between him and someone else. But for how long?” he asked.

Finally, the former chess player defends that “a clear message must be sent to the Russian generals that they will suffer annihilation if they touch even an inch of NATO”, and that ” corrupt politicians” be uncovered, as well as “entrepreneurs and black money who corrupted a generation to let go or serve authoritarian regimes”.

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