China boycotts Premier League games to pay tribute to Ukraine


China has previously blamed the West, the United States and its allies for the war in Ukraine, citing provocations against Moscow as one of the main reasons for the escalation of the conflict.

At a time when the generality of the planet condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, China is showing itself to be more cautious. At the UN, for example, he opted for abstention rather than voting against Russian military action. According to the BBC, China will even cancel the broadcast of Premier League matches for this weekend.

English football’s top flight will pay tribute to the people of Ukraine, with all 20 clubs ready for a series of symbolic gestures.

Asked by the BBC, the Premier League made no comment. Broadcasting rights in China belong to a company called iQiyi.

This is not the first time that China has boycotted the broadcast of Premier League matches. In 2019, following comments by Ozil accusing the Chinese government of persecuting the Uyghur Muslim population, the Arsenal-Manchester City game was removed from the schedule.

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