Dozens of Western companies have suspended operations in Russia, but there are still many more (here is a list)

Declared the invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine 10 days ago, numerous sanctions have been decreed by the states of the European Union, the United States and other countries. But there has also been an avalanche of private companies that have decided to abandon their activities on Russian territory, in sectors such as fashion, catering, automobile manufacturing technology and international payments, not to mention cite just a few.

As the conflict intensifies, the advertisements multiply. This weekend, the two giants of the payment system, Visa and Mastercard, announced the suspension of operations on the Russian market and the ban on the use of cards issued outside Russia. The giant Apple also announced that it would stop selling its products in Russia and limit services like Apple Pay.

The luxury Italian fashion brand Prada has also joined the French groups Hermès, Chanel, Moët, Hennessy, Louis Vuitton and Kering. But more affordable brands such as Zara, Breska, Springfield and H&M have also announced they are suspending sales in Russia to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people – and to put pressure on the Kremlin regime.

There are already dozens of brands suspending sales or imports with Russia. BP and Shell in the field of fuels. In Portugal, for example, Prio and Galp announced that they would stop importing Russian petroleum products and the Jerónimo Martins chain, which has supermarkets in Poland – a country that hosts thousands of refugees – emptied the shelves of products. that they were selling Russian and Russian petroleum products. Belarusian origin of Biedronka supermarkets, the brand with which it operates in Poland.

Among the many brands that have suspended their activity in Russia, their exports or imports to this market include 25 brands – in addition to those already mentioned, also Airbnb, Apple, Google, BP, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, Ikea, Boeing and Airbus , Ford Motor Company, Harley-Davidson and Mercedes-Bens and Volvo. As well as SAP and Oracle technologies. The second tweet below lists each of them.

Brands that continue to operate in Russia

Even so, there are still many Western brands that maintain their business and active operations on Russian territory – although the list risks becoming outdated as they may suspend their activities in the future. Among them are, for example, North American restaurant chairs, Burguer King, McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks, as well as Auchan supermarkets, the Bayer company and British American Tobacco, Bosh and Nestlé, Pepsico, Swatch to name a few brands contained in the information shared by the same entity.

European-wide sanctions

Since the start of the conflict, the European Commission has implemented a series of economic and financial sanctions. The denial of European airspace to Russia, the seizure of assets and the freezing of accounts of Russian oligarchs close to Vladimir Putin and the Russian president himself. Financial bans by several banks, including blocking access of Russian banks to the international payment network SWIFT. This Saturday, the President of the Commission assured that others could follow if Russia continues the conflict.

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